The Earhart Expeditions

--- Richard Gillespie ---

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery -TIGHAR – presents “The Earhart Expeditions”. This multi-season series of podcasts reveals the never-before-told story behind the investigation that has made international headlines with discoveries that answer aviation history’s greatest riddle – what really happened to Amelia Earhart? Premiering April 15th

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Season Six: The 2001 Expedition - Episode 4 , Dados, Discoveries, and Disappointment

    New information from a wrecked Electra, another previously-unknown document comes to light, and new challenges arise. ...


  2. Season Six: The 2001 Expedition - Episode 3 , The Wheel of Fortune

    A surprise discovery and another problem-plagued "preliminary" expedition. ...


  3. Season Six: The 2001 Expedition - Episode 2 , Answers at Last

    An unexpected helicopter visit, new discoveries, and the mystery of Gallagher's grave. ...


  4. Season Six: The 2001 Expedition - Episode 1 , Loose canon and new evidence

    In the run-up to th Niku IV expedition, unconventional funding and an amazing new witness.  ...


  5. Season Five: Episode 1 - The 1999 Black Expedition

    A quiet return to Nikumaroro and a breakthrough in Fiji. ...