The Earhart Expeditions

--- Richard Gillespie ---

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery -TIGHAR – presents “The Earhart Expeditions”. This multi-season series of podcasts reveals the never-before-told story behind the investigation that has made international headlines with discoveries that answer aviation history’s greatest riddle – what really happened to Amelia Earhart? Premiering April 15th

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Season Four: Episode 3 - Marooned on Funafuti

    Sometimes serendipity masquerades as misfortune.  How being stuck on an island we never intended to visit led to a breakthrough in the investigation. ...


  2. Season Four: Episode 2 - Hell and High Water

    The storm-tossed 1997 expedition. ...


  3. Season Four: Episode 1 - Once and For All

    The 1997 expedition that almost didn't happen. ...


  4. Season Three: The 1996 Expedition - Compilation

    A compilation of the two episodes in Season Three. ...


  5. Season Three: Episode 2 - Black Ops

    The 1996 expedition. Success and failure in one not-so-easy lesson. ...